Welcome to Washington Gynecologist

content imageAt WWGV (Women's Washington Gynecologist Virginia) our goal is to empower women to improve the quality of their health care through informed decision making. We are dedicated to providing quality health care through experience and cutting-edge technology with a human touch. Under the leadership of a board of local doctors, we provide comprehensive and global care for women of all ages and backgrounds in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. At WWGV (Women's Washington Gynecologist Virginia) we offer a vast range of obstetrics and gynecological services, including prenatal care, adolescent gynecology, high risk obstetrics, infertility, and menopause, as well as a variety of advanced non-invasive gynecological surgeries. Gynecology and Women's Health Annual exam, breast and pap smear Menopausal counseling Osteoporosis counseling Premenstrual disorders Endometriosis Pelvic pain Treatment of Fibroid STD screening Vaginal infections Infertility Certified provider of implanon implnatable contraceptive device Obstetrics Routine prenatal care High risk pregnancy Preconceptional counseling Amniocentesis Ultrasound exams Surgeries Specialized in latest minimally invasive techniques of surgery, including but not limited to a wide variety of major and minor surgeries such as: Abdominal and vaginal hysterectomy Laparoscopy for ovarian cysts or adhesion, or endometriosis Sterilization via laparoscopy or the latest technique of ESSURE, via hysteroscopy Hysteroscopic resection of fibroids. Endometrial ablation for heavy bleeding.

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